Workspace Wednesday

Here is another new segment that dives into my dreams about having an awesome paper studio/workspace one day in my house where my creativity ebbs and flows.  Right now I am in the confines of my basement in our 1920′s bungalow.  I shouldn’t complain.   It is nice to actually have that space at this point.  And as 1920s basements go, mine has quite a bit of space and natural light, as well as being completely finished.  But I still have goals and aspirations of having a nicely organized artsy fartsy (yes I just said that) space of my own.  So for now “Workspace Wednesday” will shoe examples of what I would someday love to have.

My first example comes from Martha Stewart via Black Eiffel and is practically perfect in every way!  It is organized, yet fun.  It has a nice display area on top.  The blue would of course have to be a pink (or a purple).  How about pinkish purple?  But there is a nice array of organization types, with drawers and a magnet board!  Spaces that are hidden and spaces that are not.  Yes, I do like this indeed.  So enjoy, and I will let you know when my dream becomes a reality!

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