I would love to share a recent collaboration with a client to create her family holiday card.  I provided the digital calligraphy and she did the rest.  She did a fantastic job, I might add.  Enjoy and have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!

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 Enjoy some of my latest projects!



…you came to my blog! Sorry it is Monday, and that is all I could come up with. Forgive me.  Here are some citrus-y inspiration boards to tickle your taste-buds!   Enjoy and Happy Monday!

It is Wednesday, and although I have been MIA for the last month and a half, I am returning to one of my fan favorites (all 10 of my fans!)  Here is what I love about this space:

1.  The high ceilings.  The space isn’t huge, but the ceiling height maximizes the volume.

2.  The molding, all of it.  Around the uber-high windows and the framed entrance to the room.  Can you see the base molding?  It is seriously like a foot!  Yes!!

3.  The giant mantle and fireplace!  And it’s contrasting color to the rest of the room!  Oh and throw in the giant piece of artwork and petrified wood!

4.  The giant paper lantern light fixture!  I heart light! Both natural and artificial!

5. Finally, and like usual, the shelving.  Because everyone needs shelving!

I’m Back!!  I am really going to try to get back to my usual bloggy self!  And to tickle your Inspiration Board tastebuds, here are some of Mrs. Lilien’s recent finds, all with accessories in mind!  Enjoy!

BagFauxShoes. EmbellishSnakey. Travel.

Here is a little sneak peek at some collaborating I have been doing with Karrie Pyke for Charlie and Olivia.  My calligraphy will be a big part of the new website and blog for Charlie and Olivia, as well as business and marketing materials.  Below are business cards, and there is much more yet to come, so stay tuned!

Charlie and Olivia‘s website is coming soon!

Images courtesy of Karrie Pyke.

So I am a lover of a lot of things, but wine and cheese are definitely up there on my list.  This past week I provided simple black on white menu cards for a wine and cheese party at my office.  I think you can tell from the photos, that it went well! The cards are done in one of my newer font styles that is probably my favorite, “Extreme Jolene”, (named after my mother, not necessarily the ‘extreme’ part)!  Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of Sydney Hamilton.

So I have been MIA, I know.  But I wanted to show you a little bit why.  I have been doing a lot of digital calligraphy for different companies and people in the last month or so, and I wanted to show you some of the work.

Here are some Christmas Cards via Posh Paperie, where I supplied some of the calligraphy.  The girls over there are super fun and are actually working on a blog that will be up and running soon where I also supplied a ton of calligraphy.  (I promise to share when it is complete!)  So Enjoy!

Head over to Posh Paperie to purchase any of their fabulous paper products.  I love their holiday envelopes!

Busy as a bee over here with calligraphy for tattoos, Christmas lettera, weddings and non-profit events!  Here is some coral eye candy to make up for my absence.  Enjoy!