Pretty In Pink Inspiration Board

Since I decided on the name “Pink Ink Paper” for this wonderful adventure, I thought I should probably include some posts of my favorite pink things!  So this is my debut of posts I will call “Pretty in Pink!”  The idea mixes all things pink and anything fun, flirty and glamorous!   If you don’t know me, I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga, so she will occasionally make appearances on this blog.  And cake…I mean, who doesn’t love cake?  Cupcakes, big cakes…I will take them all.  And anything romantic or with ruffles usually fits in there somewhere.  So here you go…my first Inspiration Board with some of my favorite pink images thus far.

1.  Pink Cupcakes from Cutest Food. 2. Vintage Pink Bicycle from Gabrielle Kai Photography. 3. Pink Couch from Pink Couch. 4. Art Supplies from The Sweetest Occasion. 5. Gaga Cover from Flare. 6. Ruffle Cake from Martha Stewart. 7. Pink Buttons from Flickr. 8. Pink Wedding from 100 Layer Cake. 9. Vintage Dress from Le Wedding Party.  10. Rubber Stamp from The Sweetest Occasion.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Love it Allison! What’s not to love about the color pink and typography!

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