…you came to my blog! Sorry it is Monday, and that is all I could come up with. Forgive me.  Here are some citrus-y inspiration boards to tickle your taste-buds!   Enjoy and Happy Monday!

I can’t tell you how perfect my best friend’s wedding was this weekend.  It was rustic and classy, vintage and eco-friendly.  Not to mention the bride literally looked perfect.  An all lace slim fitting gown with a bouquet of sunflowers all in an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Larkspur valley.  And did I mention, there was a DOUBLE RAINBOW immediately following the “I dos”?  It was amazing timing and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Fortunately for Sarah, she and her new hubby are off to St. Lucia, while I will be hard at work hoping to make all my brides’ wedding days as special.  So on to the post.  Since it was a wedding weekend, I thought White would be an appropriate color to showcase today!  So enjoy and Happy Monday!

City SageKelley MoorePostcards.  City SageKelley MooreZed and BeeCamille StylesBHLDN.

Clever, I  know!  I love rhyming, always have, always will!  This post is in honor of the bridesmaid dress I will be wearing this weekend for my college roommate’s wedding in Kansas City!  (see here)  Mint or seafoam or sage has been a favorite of brides for a long time and it keeps coming back, so here are a few inspiration boards to tickle your minty fantasy (don’t ask, it is Monday)!

One. Two. Green. Four.

The color Red and I have had an interesting relationship over the course of my life.  Let me explain.  In elementary school, I went through a phase where I wouldn’t dare wear (yes I am rhyming on purpose) the color red.  It was a boy color, obviously.  So there was that phase.  Then in high school, I loved the color red.  It was my color.  I specifically remember this Victoria Secret shirt that was tight fitting and low enough to show my new cleavage!  (I was a late bloomer, so I enjoyed my lady lumps!)  And in my college and post-grad years, red was the color I imagined as my wedding color.  So it would come to a great surprise that when my now hubby proposed, I chose purple.  I  know, I know.  But I just couldn’t imagine the feeling and ambiance that I wanted for my (I mean our) special day with the color red.  So purple it was, and I have no regrets.  Anywhooo, back to the topic at hand.  Here are a couple Inspiration Boards that showcase Red and all its glory!  Enjoy, and don’t mind my babbling! 

One. Two. Three. Four.

Okay, so there is nothing really mellow about these Inspiration Boards.  They show a bright punch of color that could brighten any wedding.  Whether it pale yellow, sunshine or mustard, this citrusy shade is sure to please. When life hands your lemons, plan an awesome wedding!

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

I collect Inspiration Boards like they are shoes!  I am especially found of pink ones, for obvious reasons.  Plus there are a range of pinks that can carry any mood, blush, bubble gum, hot pink, fuchsia.  These Inspiration Boards take on the subtle color Blush which I am loving lately. (See this post from April for more Blush) So enjoy and happy Monday! 

OneTwo. Three.

Orange is on the rise as a wedding color especially for the summer.  A punch of this bright citrusy color can add flare to any style of wedding.  Here are a couple inspiration boards showcasing its variety and style.  Enjoy!  PS.  Cotton candy on a cupcake….crazy!

One. Two. Three. Four. Five 




Because I was recovering yesterday and missed a post, I thought I would throw in a little extra today with some sexy salmon, who is a tastier cousin of one of my favorites, coral.  So enjoy these fashion-oriented boards that give this fish a good name!

One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish.


I think you all know how to finish that line!  In 32 hours I will be at a bar with 10 girlies celebrating 2 of my friends’ bachelorette parties!  I can’t wait!  So in honor of Sin City, here are a couple inspiration boards to get you in the mood!!

Ace. Two. Three.

As you know, I love bright colors, and blue is no exception.  Blue is a strange color with so many different hues.  It can translate into so many different moods and feelings too.  Light Aqua – relaxing.  Navy – sail the high seas.  Sky Blue – serenity.  Cerulean – my favorite crayon.  Colbalt – Daring.  You get the point.  So here are a few inspiration boards filled with the bold beautiful blue! 

One. Blue. Three.