Busy as a bee over here with calligraphy for tattoos, Christmas lettera, weddings and non-profit events!  Here is some coral eye candy to make up for my absence.  Enjoy!

Because I was recovering yesterday and missed a post, I thought I would throw in a little extra today with some sexy salmon, who is a tastier cousin of one of my favorites, coral.  So enjoy these fashion-oriented boards that give this fish a good name!

One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish.


Ever heard of it? No, well you should definitely check it out!  It is an addictive website that basically lets you make your own fashion inspiration boards (as I have of course done).  I just thought I would share my first 3 that are based off of some recent posts.

1. A simple board that refers back to my “Things that Sparkle” post yesterday.  And my “Coral” post a couple weeks ago!

2. A Classy Cinco de Mayo board that obviously refers back to my post earlier today.

3.  An Alexander McQueen & Gaga board that was inspired by Sarah Burton’s instantly famous wedding dress.

So make sure to check it out and happy Thursday!


Welcome to this second week of Tuesday Shoesday!  This week we are moving slightly down the color scale to pinks!  Of course!  There are muted pinks, coral pinks, sparkly pinks, and pink pinks.   My favorites have to be the Valentino’s at number 5.  But Kate Spade comes in as a close second.  I would also like to say Happy Birthday to my mother, who I would like to thank for many things in my life, including my love of shoes!  Happy Birthday Mom!  Enjoy!

1. & 3.  Asos  2.  Jimmy Choo  4.  Kate Spade  5.  Valentino  6.  Piperlime

Who doesn’t love coral?  Okay, I am sure plenty of gentlemen would say they don’t (including my husband), but I do, and that is what matters.  My mother also happens to love it.  When we go shopping, she has a tendency to pick out anything in this hue and say “This is cute!”  I give her credit, it usually is.  So here are some images with the pinkish color to brighten your Monday.  1.  Inspiration Board via Camille Styles.  2.  Coral Bridesmaids Dresses via The Sweetest Occasion.  3.  Cute Wedding Idea via Ruffled Blog.  Here’s to a brighter, prettier week!  Enjoy! 

I first fell in love with Kate Spade when I found my perfect wedding shoes. (Photo by LemonLime Photography).  I had been searching for perfectly fabulous, purple, and classy shoes for months, and I found them thanks to Kate Spade.  I love the style combinations Kate Spade offers.  It is classic, yet fashionable and fun.  Clean and feminine , bright and modern. 

Kate Spade has also recently updated their website that showcases their new items which fall mostly in the pink/coral and yellow families.  And they are fabulous!  I have created a Wish List/Inspiration Board made completely out of the beautiful new pink & coral items.  If I had all the money in the world, I have always said I would travel the world and get numerous degrees, but I think filling my closet with these items would also be included.  Enjoy!

1.  damask faye dress  $395  2.  enchanted garden necklace  $145  3.  lemon drop small framed lella  $225  4.  double bow ring  $65  5.  grand street angelina  $325  6.  sweet nothings small square studs  $38  7.  shady side small karen  $275  8.  terrazzo jeanette  $275  9.  crystal confection ring  $73  10.  terrazzo sandra skirt  $225  11.  tipsy  $198  (all found here)