Photography has always been important to me.  I love candid people pictures that capture the true human spirit.  I planned my wedding around when my photographers were available.  And I spent most of my time in Europe with a camera in front of my face.  I thought I would add a nice routine touch to the blog and present a fun and fabulous “foto” each week to end the week.  (Alliteration rocks!) This is an awesome photo via Twig & Thistle.  How long must this have taken?  If I had the patience, I possibly could do one strand.  But all those glorious names must have taken F-O-R-E-V-E-R (imagine it like the kid from Sandlot)!  So have a fantastic Friday and look forward to a post over the weekend of my most recent order completed.  Think chocolate, only in paper!  This weekend I will be getting into the grind of things and adding some fun and new items to my Etsy page and sales items!  Get excited!  Have a great weekend! 


…and yes it is totally related to calligraphy.   How awesome is this “Manuscript Rug” from Design Within Reach?  If only it was within my reach.  Now where is that $3,400 I had laying around…alas, it is on sale!  Unfortunately, I don’t have $2,890 laying around either.  If only a kind-loving client would buy this for me in return for some envelopes!  :)   A girl can dream, can’t she?

So,  just wanted to let you know that I am planning on finally having things up and running by the end of January.  Things are pretty busy around here with the holidays, travel, work and coaching still all happening.  I will be excited to finally have this thing open to the public!!  Stay tuned!!  I will be working on the website over the holidays!