Wedding Shower Place Cards

I have been pretty busy in the last week or so with calligraphy.  It is busy with wedding season quickly approaching.  Here is what I am currently working on: 

1. My sister’s graduation announcements.  Purple cards with red and white ink (her school colors). 

2. My best friend’s wedding invitations where I am providing the lettering and then she will scan and copy it multiple times over for the invitations. 

3. My best friend’s wedding envelopes.  We are going to mix my “Hale” font with one of my more flourished fonts to make them unique and less formal. 

4. My aunt-in-law’s (is there such a thing) personalized Thank-You note. 

5.  Favor labels or tags for a friend’s wedding shower.  They will be tied to the favors with a pretty ribbon.

6. A custom order for a bride’s individual Thank Yous to her bridesmaids.  We are using a metallic orange ink which should be fun.  I heart metallic ink. 

7. A custom digital file for a client who is getting her store’s signage made. 

And 8. Wedding Shower Place cards.  These are for a wedding shower outside Boston, MA.  They are done in my font style “Nicole” named after one of my sisters.  The ink is a dark blue that I added a little white to to make a little lighter.  The client is going to attach a couple pieces of confetti to the upper left hand corner for a little aesthetic. 

Here are some images of the wedding shower place cards.  I will post images of the other items as I finish them.  Enjoy, and Happy Monday!

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