Yes, it is finally Friday.  Which for me means my husband’s birthday!  So Happy Birthday Mr. Pink Ink, now you can say you are as old and wise as me!  [Awesome wedding photo via Pinterest]

So if you haven’t joined Pinterest, you must!  At least go and check it out.  It is a virtual land of pin-up space where you can save and pin your favorite images from around the web.  Here are some of the lovely wedding dresses I have decided to pin!  Happy Thursday!  Enjoy!

[to find the original image, click on "wedding dresses" then the photo and then the link on the left or below the image]

Furniture!  Who doesn’t love it?  Oh how it can change a space!  So in my imaginary world that one day will have a fabulous Pink Ink studio, I have visions of fabulous pieces that range in color, pattern, and style!   I have started a collection  of images that I like.  None of these really showcase a desk, which you might think is the most important piece, but there are other important parts to, you know!  So enjoy!  These are thanks to Anthropologie, High Fashion Home, and Kindel!

…errr…I apologize for no post yesterday, I know it ruined your day (insert sarcasm font here).  I was actually at home nursing a stink eye.  No, not pink eye, and no I didn’t get into a fight.  I woke up and my left eye was swollen shut!  Lovely visuals popping into your head now!?  Sorry for the TMI, but I wanted to share what I have been working on and the latest addition to my Etsy Shop!  So, enjoy and I will post again today to make up for it I swear!

There are several reasons this envious color is appropriate today.  One, there are currently two sets of envelopes I am working on that are a sage green color.  Two, this weekend my husband was headed off to Vegas for a Bachelor party for which I was very jealous.  I heart Vegas.  Three, speaking of Vegas, green is also the color of another important thing and that is money.  As I worked all weekend making green….my husband was off spending it.  I love how that works!  I am not bitter, I swear!  Anywho, here are some of the fabulous Mrs. Lilien’s awe-inspiring boards that represent a variety of this environmentally friendly hue.

Mrs. O’LilienMrs. Key Lime.  Mrs. Patty.  Mrs. Jade Brigade.

Have a fantastic weekend.  I will be head down, pen up all weekend!  Look for pictures to come!

Future Fashionista!

Better late than never.  Elle Decor never disappoints, here is what I love about this space!

1.  The disco ball/enormous Christmas ornament light fixture.  Not sure if I love it, but it is eclectic, and I love eclectic.

2.  The desk.  The unique legs and shape make it fantastic.

3.  The purple bookshelves.  Why paint the walls when you can add some color with the bookshelves.  Brilliant idea!

4.  The matching chairs.  Because if you put them side by side, they would make a glorious cot! 

Happy Hump Day!


Yup, I am officially changing Tuesday’s to Fashion Tuesday…I mean I love shoes, but there are only so many out there!  So today we are talking accessories, more specifically necklaces.  I wanted something bold and classic for my wedding and I had something specific in mind.  Here are a couple bold statement pieces that would definitely do the trick. [ All courtesy Rita Vinieris.]

Wedding Fun


No, not the musical, but wedding hair.  It is as important as the dress, I think.  I think it is safe to say you want something more upscale than normal, but you still want it to look like you.  I opted for my hair up at my wedding because I knew I would be doing plenty of dancing later.  Here are some updos that would do for your “I dos”!  (I threw in a picture of my hair on my big day!)

One.  Two. Three. Me.

I just added several new Hand Stamped Thank-You cards to my shop.  Including some of my favorite things: mustaches, chandeliers and flowers.  Enjoy and stop on over to my Etsy Shop to check them out!